Exhibitors and sponsors

April 27-28, 2023

The trade exhibition of the Vehicle-2-Grid event forms a centerpiece of the conference. On the upper floor of the Eurogress Aachen, participants can find out about products and developments related to the topic and network directly with exhibitors.

This is where conference participants will meet for lively discussions during the breaks. In addition, the catering zones with beverage and buffet stands are located near the exhibition.

The exhibition is located in the context of the Advanced Battery Power Conference. The exhibition areas of both conferences are closely linked visually and organizationally. The exhibition is the communicative center of the conference and a marketplace for innovative products and future business.

All exhibitors will also be presented online. Thus, you will also benefit from an exciting marketplace for products and developments around electric storage solutions and grids in the virtual space on vehicle-2-grid.eu.

In addition to exhibiting at the conference, interesting advertising placements are available:

  • Invitation flyer DIN A4, circulation 10,000, sponsor logo on title (only possible for exhibitors, DU on request)
  • Event brochure DIN A4, 600 copie
    Back cover (1/1)
    Cover page 2 (1/1)
    Cover page 3 (1/1)
    Contents (1/1)
    Contents (1/2


  • Carrier bag, 1,000 copies, logo imprint one-sided
  • Lanyards, 1,000 copies, logo imprint one-color
  • Evening reception, logo on all advertising materials, menus and banner in reception room
  • Banner showroom, approx. 3 m2, incl. production
  • Reception counter, logo imprint front side

Virtual exhibition on vehicel-2-grid.eu and the virtual conference platform hdt+

  • Logo with keywording in the exhibitor overview
  • Newsletter banner
  • Logo or banner with linking
  • Banner (690 x 165 px) in the information newsletters of the Battery Conference 2023

Exclusive banner and logo placement

  • Large banner ad on start page, parallax ad on homepage (maximum 2 bookings)
  • Flip banner in footer
    Logo 185 x 185 px, animated as flip banner in footer visible on all pages (maximum 6 bookings)
  • Large banner display program
    Display in Advanced Battery Power Conference program (maximum 2 bookings)
  • Stickylogo program logo placement (maximum 1 booking)
  • Logo placement table program
    Logo placement with company name and link integrated in the overview table program on battery-power.eu
  • Pop-up banner individually designed pop-up banner when leaving the booking and exhibition page (maximum 2 bookings)